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Try our ammo - you will like it!

At Western Metal we have been working for the last four years on having a consistent supply of quality, reasonably priced, re-manufactured and new ammunition. Finding a manufacturer of quality ammunition is not the hard part.  The hard part is finding one that has excess supply, reasonable pricing, and is willing to jump through all the federal governments hoops. 

Re-manufactured Ammunition

We are currently selling 9 mm, 40 cal S&W, 45 ACP, 223 Remington, and 308 Winchester (see table below for more info) and are looking to expand our product line over the next year.  All of our re-manufactured ammunition is made to the strictest of standards with intense quality controls.  The cases are once fired brass that has undergone a strict remanufacturing process that pressure tests each case and re-sizes it back to factory specs.  All of our bullets have a copper jacket and a lead core for greater accuracy without leading up your barrel.  All primers are CCI and we only use pistol gun powder to keep your gun as clean as possible.

Our re-manufactured ammunition is sold in bulk with 240 or 250  rounds per box depending on the caliber.  This product is perfect for the shooter who is looking for a high quality product at remanufactured prices.                                                                                                                                

Caliber Weight - Grains Bullet Shape
9 MM 115 Round Nose
38 SPL 125 Round Nose Flat Point
38 SPL 158 Round Nose Flat Point
40 Cal S&W 180 Round Nose Flat Point
45 ACP 230 Round Nose
223 Rem 55 Point
308 Win 150 Point

New Ammunition

We are very proud to announce that we now have a line of new Am ammunition to compliment our re-manufactured products.  Our new ammo is made to the same high standards as other products.  We only use top quality "Starline Brass" as well as CCI primers, TMJ bullets to cut down on your lead exposure, and premium powders.  Our new ammunition comes in 50 boxes and is perfect for reloading!

Caliber Weight - Grains Bullet Shape
44 Rem Mag 240 FP, RNFP, HP
45 Long Colt 255 Round Nose Flat Point

Please note:  Our federal licence only permits us to sell ammo to business that have a federal firearms business licence.  As such we are unable to sell ammunition direct to the public.  Feel free to contact us for product information or for assistance locating a dealer.  However, for pricing please contact one of our retail partners listed below.




Pro-line Shooters II Inc.  1426 - 9th Ave. SE.  Calgary, Ab.  403.265.666



The Shooting Edge Inc.  Bay #4, 510 - 77 Ave. SE. Calgary, Ab. 03.720.4867



Drayton Valley



Dudley's Outdoor Escape Ltd.  #109, 4341 - 50 Street, Drayton Valley, Ab.  780.621.3339




Milarm Co. Ltd.  10769 - 99 Street NW Edmonton, Ab.  780-424-528 


Medicine Hat


The Outdoorsman.  #4, 1023 Allowance Ave. S.E.  Medicine Hat, Ab.  403.529.9248


Red Deer


Wolverine Guns and Tackle.  411, 37400 Hwy 2, Red Deer, Ab.  403.347.0220



bulletArnie’s Guns & Archery.  102A-14 Street East.  Prince Albert Sk.  306.922.7292




TnT Gunworks.  2510-4th Ave N.  Regina. Sk.  306.352.8505



bulletTarget Sports Canada.  14 Stalwart Industrial Dr.  Gormley, On. 905.888.8288




Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods.  705-689-5333




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