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I’ve heard something on the news, could you please tell me more?

  • We cannot comment on news articles. If you have questions regarding current regulations, please contact the Canadian Firearms Program.


You will be required to confirm that you have read and understood our TERMS AND CONDITIONS when you review your order before the system allows you to checkout.


I had an account from the old website, I can’t seem to access it anymore.

We’ve migrated to our new website. Rest assured that we still have access to our old website for record keeping and order processing purposes. Some accounts have been successfully transferred; we only transferred username and contact details. Please do the following to re-activate your account:


  • Select SIGN-IN
  • If you’ve had an account on the old website, select the LOGIN tab
  • Select FORGOT PASSWORD, then follow the prompts.
  • If the response is “Invalid username or email” then the account was not transferred.
  • Please create a new account by selecting SIGN-IN, then REGISTER and follow the prompts.

Do you buyback brass casings or offer credit for fired brass?

At this time, we don’t buyback brass casings or offer a brass exchange program to individuals.

If you are a commercial operator with large quantities, please contact us at:

Do you price match?

We do not price match as we set our prices competitively based on what we receive from our distributors/suppliers/manufacturers. As well, certain product lines have set pricing from the distributor/manufacturer that we must abide by.

Do you offer military/LEO discounts?

We thank you for your service. Currently, we do not offer discounts to any specific community as we set our prices competitively based on distributor/supplier/manufacturer requirements.

Do you have sales?

We do have special sales from time to time. Please check our website or subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming sales.

I have a question about PRODUCT X? Does product A work with product B?

Please refer to the manufacturer’s website as they have the latest updated information regarding their product and safety features. Products are always improving; thus the manufacturer is the best source of information.

Do you have a recommendation for load data for BULLET X and POWDER Y?

Please refer to the manufacturer’s website for the latest load data as this is the most accurate source of information. We cannot offer load data for liability purposes; the manufacturer offered data is the safest.

How do I make an order?

  • Go to SIGN-IN, then LOGIN to your account or REGISTER for one.
  • Select the category or search for the items you would like to purchase. You can also search by part number as our SKUs generally match manufacturer catalogue listings.
  • You can click on the product for more details, or click on the SHOPPING CART ICON to add to your cart.
  • Click on your shopping cart; VIEW CART – to review your items or CHECKOUT – to send your order
  • HAVE A COUPON? Add any coupon codes, we cannot process coupon codes after an order has been checked out.
  • BILLING DETAILS – Fill in your details; please wait a few seconds for the shipping options to appear in YOUR ORDER after this is filled.
  • SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS? If shipping to a different address, please select and fill.
  • ORDER NOTES – please enter any notes you would like to advise us regarding your order.
  • ADDITIONAL DETAILS – If you have ordered items requesting PAL INFORMATION, it will appear under here. Please enter the information accurately. Missing information WILL delay order processing.
  • YOUR ORDER – this lists the items and prices for your order. Ensure you select LOCAL PICKUP if you would like to pickup at SSIR in Calgary AB.
  • Once you are satisfied with the order details, select PLACE ORDER


  • After you have checked out, select MY ACCOUNT (under QUICK LINKS at the footer of each page) to review orders, stock notifications, and other account details.

Do you have PRODUCT X in stock? Do you know when will it be back in stock?

Products listed online is accurate of what we have in stock. Unfortunately, we do not have timelines of when a certain product will be back in stock and shipped to us from the distributor/supplier/manufacturer. If a product is out of stock online, please select the NOTIFY ME option. You will receive an email when we re-stock and update the item on the website.

Do you do special orders?

Currently, we’re unable to fulfill special orders. The product lines available to us are listed online. However, we are always updating and increasing our offerings! Please use the NOTIFY ME option to be advised when an item is restocked.

Please consider signing up for our newsletter for notice of new products.

I could not increase my order quantity...

Our inventory system will not allow you to buy more than we have in stock. If you are interested in when we re-stock certain items, please take advantage of the NOTIFY ME functionality on the desired product page.

Why do you require my PAL for optics, firearms, ammunition, and gun powder? Can’t I just show you my PAL when I pickup my order (for SSIR pickup)?

By law we can only sell firearms and ammunition to valid PAL holders. We need to confirm the PAL validity PRIOR to the sale, as such we need to validate it prior to shipping your order. We do this through the Canadian Firearms Program website with the information requested on the order. Depending on the item ordered, we require the following as requested on checkout:


  • PAL number
  • Date of Birth
  • Your address
  • Email address on file with your PAL
  • Place of Birth
  • Name of Range/Gun Club you are a member of


Note: please provide only the 8-digits BEFORE the decimal on your PAL to expedite processing.

For gun powder, we require the shipping/storage address and confirmation of ID.

For optics, our policy is that we require a PAL to verify your order; this is industry standard.

We can confirm ID through the PAL validation process. Given that photographs of Government Issued ID can be photoshopped/digitally altered; we CANNOT use pictures of ID cards as they are not CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES. Using the PAL validation process is the most efficient and secure way of confirming your ID. Your shipping address matching the one on file with your PAL satisfies the storage address requirement.

Why is my order taking so long?

Thank you for your patience! We do get high volume of orders, especially if certain items are in high demand. Rest assured we are working to fulfil your order as soon as possible; there may be a delay of a few business days.

Note: some items may take 10-15 business days to process

Please check your email’s SPAM or UPDATES folder, as well as login to confirm the order status. We may have sent you a message to request for further information. Usually this is due to the PAL number or DOB being entered incorrectly.

Please ensure numbers, birthdates, and addresses entered are correct and match on file with CFP.

Incorrect or incomplete information will delay orders due to processing and validation. Once we have the correct information, we’ll strive to process your order as soon as possible. Note that we do move orders with incorrect information to the end of the queue, to be fair to customers who have provided complete information and are waiting for their order. As well, if there is no response after (2) attempts to obtain correct information, the order will be cancelled.

Why was my order cancelled?

EMT Payment not received:

  • For orders paid by EMT, we require payment prior to processing the order. If there is no response after (2) attempts to obtain payment, we will cancel your order.

Incorrect/Incomplete Information:

  • Please ensure numbers, birthdates, and addresses entered are correct and match on file with CFP.
  • For certain products, we require the correct information before we can sell the item. If there is no response after (2) attempts to obtain the correct information, we will cancel your order.
  • Incorrect or incomplete information will delay orders due to processing and validation. Once we have the correct information, we’ll strive to process your order as soon as possible. Note that we do move orders with incorrect information to the end of the queue, to be fair to customers who have provided complete information and are waiting for their order.

Can you add/remove items from my order?

We are not able to add new items to an order once placed in order to maintain shipping speed and accuracy.

If you require additional items after checkout, please create a new order.

Can you please combine my orders?

We are unable to combine orders to maintain shipping speed and accuracy.

Please ensure you have added all desired products prior to checking out.

I made an order online; can I just go to SSIR to pay for it?

Note that Straight Shooters Indoor Range is a separate business, and they will not accept payment for orders on behalf of Western Metal. They are simply a pickup location and we do not share the same warehouse.

Please do not call SSIR regarding web orders.

Kindly email: if you have an inquiry regarding your order.

How do I use your website? How do I make an order? I’m uncomfortable using a computer, could I phone you instead?

We are a web-based store, as such we are unable to take orders over the phone. The website has been setup to streamline the ordering experience and will be much faster than phone orders.

If you require assistance with computer usage, there are numerous technology learning programs available at your local community centre.

We are considering a kiosk at SSIR in the future, please subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

What payment options do you accept? Do you accept EMT?

  • We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, or EMT.
  • We do not accept Cash on Delivery.
  • We also do not accept DEBIT, or any form including: VISA DEBIT or MASTERCARD DEBIT

Credit Card Payments:

  • A pre-authorization will be made on your card once you checkout.
  • The card will only be charged upon initial processing of your order.
  • Please ensure the billing Street Address and Postal Code matches the address with your card statement.

EMT/E-Transfer Payments:

  • In the checkout phase select “EMT” as the payment method.
  • Please send the total dollar amount for your order to and include the Order Number in the notes section of the EMT.
  • Note: we require payment prior to processing the order; if we don’t receive a payment after (2) attempts to contact you, the order will be cancelled.

How do you calculate the taxes?

By law, the taxes are charged based upon the address of the purchaser (Place of Supply Rules). Each province has its own rules – we follow them. The website will calculate the taxes for you once you are in the checkout phase.

I have an GST/HST exemption, can you apply it to the order?

Please email us at with proper documentation PRIOR to checkout. Otherwise, you may be responsible for initiating your GST/HST rebate.

We cannot make tax adjustments after checkout and order cancellations incur a processing fee (See ORDER PAYMENT FAQ).

  • Please contact CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) for specific details.

Can I cancel my order?

Due to processing fees and administration, we charge restocking fees as per below on order cancellations if it has been processed but not yet shipped.

Restricted Firearms: 20% (on value of firearm + tax)
All Other Products: 10% (on value of item + tax)

  • Once it has shipped (including sent to SSIR), we cannot cancel an order.
  • Please be sure of your items before checking out your shopping cart. Selecting PICKUP AT SSIR (shows as free shipping) when SHIPPING was the intent, does not constitute as an error on part of the ordering system.

Can I return my order?

  • All sales are final.
  • However, if there is an issue when you receive your order, please contact us and we’ll work with you to make it right.

Why does my order show payment failed?

The card processor has extra security measures for your privacy and security.

  • Please ensure the billing Street Address and Postal Code matches the address with your card statement.

Free Freight Shipping Policy

Receive free freight on orders over $300 (Some Conditions Apply).


Weight: Orders near package weight limit (Purolator has recently changed some weight caps) or oversized maybe calculated as two shipments. As such, additional shipping charges will apply. As well, heavy parcels may incur shipping surcharges and may be added to the order. In all cases, the shipping calculator will make the adjustments and display them for you prior to checking out.

Location: Certain areas of Canada are considered remote based on the freight company’s areas of coverage. If an address is considered remote, freight companies will charge extra delivery fees and some of this cost may be required to be absorbed by the customer.


Dangerous Goods: Due to the shipping costs associated with Dangerous Goods and/or location of the customer, there is a possibility that additional shipping fees will be required to be absorbed by the customer.

If there are additional shipping fees, they will be presented in the checkout phase for approval.

  • To clarify, Dangerous Goods are items containing explosives and/or hazardous materials, including: ammunition, primers, and powders

Picking up at Straight Shooters Indoor Range (SSIR)

  • Note that SSIR is a separate business and acts as a pickup location only. They are unable to answer questions regarding orders or take payment for orders.

Local pickup is available at:

Straight Shooters Indoor Range
1305 33 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A 5P1

Please select LOCAL PICKUP at SSIR (Straight Shooters Indoor Range) as your shipping option. This option appears once the Billing Details is filled in for AB-based addresses.

Once it arrives at SSIR, your order status will be changed to READY AT SSIR.

However, it is a good idea to call SSIR prior to going there to pick up your order (403-460-9364).


Out of Province Residents:

If you live outside Alberta, but will be visiting, feel free to select this option to save on shipping.
  • Enter your BILLING DETAILS.
  • Indicate that you will be visiting from Out of Province under ORDER NOTES. That way, we won’t ask if you had selected Local Pickup by accident.
  • Enter province as AB, wait a few seconds as the website updates the shipping options below. You may have to fill in SSIR for Street Address, as well as Calgary, AB, T2A 5P1 (SSIR’s postal code).
  • Our system is normally setup to allow Local Pickup from AB addresses only, to prevent accidental selection as a free shipping option.
  • Please review SHIPPING/PICKUP FAQs regarding changing shipping methods after checkout. We do charge a processing fee to adjust shipping methods after checkout.

Do you ship firearms, ammunition, and gun powder?

We ship firearms via Canada Post and Dangerous Goods (ammunition, gun powder and primers) via Purolator. Our website automatically calculates the shipping for you if you are not eligible to receive free shipping.

Please note, we can only ship firearms, ammunition, and anything using the PAL Verification Process (powders & primers) to the address you have on file with your PAL/CFP.

If you have moved, please update your address:

If you live in a rural area, please provide your physical address as well. Purolator does not ship to PO Boxes, but given a physical address and postal code, arrangements can be made for delivery or “hold for pickup” at a nearby Purolator station. Our checkout shipping calculator provides accurate estimates for rural locations. In some circumstances, Purolator simply will not deliver to the rural location; in that case, contact us for special arrangements.

Can I buy a firearm and have it shipped as a gift?

We can only ship firearms and ammunition to the address on file with the recipient’s PAL. Our suggestion would be to have your recipient make the order and pay for it themselves; you can then resolve your gifting arrangements privately.

Note: if you provide your PAL and make the order, pay for it, then gift the firearm; it would be considered a transfer. You will have to carry out any transfer requirements as applicable to non-restricted and restricted firearms.

How much is freight on an order?

We use a shipping API with Canada Post and Purolator. The rates are automatically calculated once you enter the checkout phase. As a reminder – receive free freight over $300 (some conditions apply). Please see our shipping policy for further information.

I would like to change from pickup to shipping or shipping to pickup…

Once a delivery method is selected and the order has been checked out, we cannot make changes. This ensures speed and accuracy of order processing.

  • Please be sure of the delivery method you have selected before checkout.

If you would like to change the shipping method and the order has not shipped, please cancel your order and redo with the revised shipping method. That way the proper shipping is re-calculated. Note that we do charge a restocking fee, see the ORDER PAYMENT FAQs for details.

If the order has shipped or has been sent to SSIR, we cannot recall the order.

Can I get on your newsletter?

Yes, you can! Please subscribe using the form on the footer of our website. Watch out for updates on discounts, news and interesting info which will be sent directly to your email. Please ensure we are not listed on SPAM list on your email account. You may unsubscribe at any time. We do not sell or give your address to any third-party organizations.

How do I check the status of my order?

When we make notes or status changes to orders, it sends a message to the email on file with the order and your customer profile.

You can check the status of your order and any notes by selecting MY ACCOUNT (under QUICK LINKS at the bottom of any page on our website), then ORDERS

I have concerns regarding my order, who do I talk to?

Please contact us at

  • Ensure to include your order number to expedite finding your order and getting back to you promptly.

Please refrain from contacting Straight Shooters Indoor Range (SSIR) as they are a separate business.

Due to volume of orders and staff responsibilities, we don’t currently have a phone number for inquiries. Please allow a few business days for us to respond.

Why am I not getting status updates on my order?

Please checkout with your customer profile to ensure you get updates. If you’ve accidentally checked out as a guest, please contact us: and we can tag your customer profile to the order.

Why am I not receiving emails or email responses from you?

Please ensure to check your SPAM folder, or in the case of GMAIL accounts, the PROMOTIONS or UPDATES folder. We do not have control over how an email account or spam blocker filters incoming mail. Please ensure that we are not listed on your email account’s spam list.

We strive to respond to your email inquiries soonest, please allow up to a few days for us to reply. Sometimes we are researching the answer and we want to provide you an accurate and informative response.

When we make notes or status changes to orders, it sends an email to your customer profile (if you have checked out with your profile). We also send messages through the ordering system. You can view the status changes and any messages send regarding your order by logging in and viewing the specific order.

Firearms Ordering Process

1. Requested as part of the order checkout page, please provide:

  • PAL #
  • DOB
  • Email on file with CFP/PAL (Canadian Firearms Program)
  • Shipping and billing addresses matching addresses on file with CFP/PAL

2. Once we verify your PAL, CFP will issue a TRANSFER REFERENCE NUMBER

  • We’ll message you through the order messaging system providing the Transfer Reference Number
  • You’ll also receive an email from CFP with the Transfer Reference Document

3. We will ship your order to you. If you’ve requested pickup at SSIR, you will be notified when it is available for pickup. Your order status will be changed to READY AT SSIR

4. There is no further action on your part. And you do not need to contact the CFO unless they have questions for you.

5. Please refer to the RCMP links Tab for transport requirements regarding your firearm.

1. Requested as part of the order checkout page, please provide:

  • Shipping and billing address matching addresses on file with CFP/PAL
  • PAL #
  • DOB
  • Name of Range/Club Membership (Optional for ON, but suggested to expedite transfer)
  • Place of Birth as EXACTLY on your PAL application
  • If you indicated ROSEDALE on file, do not provide TORONTO as the answer, it must match Place of Birth on file
  • At time of checkout, please be sure of shipping method. When we initiate the restricted firearms transfer, we must indicate the method of transport; this cannot be changed from “shipping by courier” to “owner pickup with ATT” (and vice versa) after processing.

2. Once we verify your PAL, CFP will issue a form with the TRANSFER REFERENCE NUMBER

  • We’ll send the transfer reference number to you by email as well as the order messaging system.
  • This is a standard notification while waiting for CFO approval.
  • We have no progress updates after this is issued.

3. Wait for CFO approval

  • If the CFO has questions, they will contact you directly
  • You may inquire on the status with the CFO by following the instructions included with the TRANSFER REFERENCE NUMBER

4. Once approved

  • You will receive a TRANSFER NOTIFICATION (BUYER) from the CFO


  • Please email us a copy and your order will be shipped.
  • This form permits you to take possession of your firearm when we ship it to your home. However, you will have to wait for the firearms certificate (and ATT /w Standard Conditions if this is your first Restricted Firearm) to arrive by mail before you may transport from home to range.
  • You will need to provide proof of age and signature to Canada Post upon arrival of firearm


  • Please print a copy and show to SSIR for pickup.
  • This form permits you to take possession of your firearm and transport it home. However, you will have to wait for the firearms certificate (and ATT /w Standard Conditions if this is your first Restricted Firearm) to arrive by mail before you may transport from home to range.
  • Please refer to the RCMP links Tab for transport requirements regarding transporting your firearm home.
  • Please Note: The TRANSFER NOTIFICATION acts as a temporary ATT to your home for the initial transport from our business to your home.

Effective: 29 July 2022

Last Updated: 17 Nov 2022 – Updated Payment Details

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