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Looking for your first firearm but you’re on a budget? Well, look no further, this Chinese SKS can be had for an affordable price. The “French Tickler” SKS derives its name from its unique upper handguard which is ribbed for everyone’s pleasure! If that’s not a selling point, the ammunition this rifle uses can be bought in crates for a fraction of the cost.

This SKS comes with a magazine that’s pinned to 5 rounds. The magazine can also be loaded with stripper clips or top load if you’re so inclined. Sporting a chrome lined barrel, these rifles are resistant to corrosion from the infamous 7.62×39 spam can but never impervious. Thus, it is always recommended to thoroughly clean your firearm afterwards. Do note that these firearms are surplus in nature and may come in varying conditions. Fret not, they are guaranteed to work and if you’re lucky, you might even receive one with a little bit of character!

For individuals who prefer to preload their magazines prior to a range trip, do consider the detachable box magazines by Promag.

Classification: NON RESTRICTED
Manufacturer: SURPLUS
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Barrel Finish: BLUED
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Weight 9.35 lbs
Dimensions 40.75 × 6.75 × 3 in

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