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Our Super Kit has everything you need to clean the most popular calibers and gauges for pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  Packaged and stored in a zipper pouch, it is convenient for storage and transport, perfect for everyone from the collector to the gunsmith.


The following is included in the kit:


5 Qty. 6.5” Stainless Steel Rod Sections for .22 and Up (8-32 Threads)

Rod Stop and Muzzle Guard for use with the Rods

Locking Swivel T-Handle for Bore and Chamber Cleaning (8-32 Threads)

8” and 30” Pull-Through Cable (8-32 Threads)

Quick Attach Aluminum Pull Through Handle

1 oz. Needle Oiler Bottles of 1 Step CLP and Zero Friction Lubricant

10cc Syringe of Pro-Gold Grease for Precise Application

Small Silicone Cloth in Resealable Bag

1 Qty. Each of our Nylon and Bronze All Purpose Cleaning Brushes

1 Qty. Brass Spear Tip Jag for the following Sizes:

.22-6mm, .270 Cal., .30 Cal., .357/.38 Cal./9mm, .40 Cal./10mm, .45 Cal. (8-32 Threads)

12 GA (5/16-27 Threads)

1 Qty. Brass Patch Holder for the following Applications:

.22 and Up for Use with the Stainless Steel Rod Sections (8-32 Threads)

.22 and Up for use with the Pull Through System (8-32 Threads)

10-410 Gauge Shotgun Patch Holder (5/16-27 Threads)

1 Qty. Brass Adaptor for Shotgun Accessories (8-32 Threads to 5/16-27 Threads)

1 Qty. 100% Cotton Bore Mops for the Following Sizes (8-32 Threads):

.22 Cal., .24-.27 Cal., .30-.35 Cal., .35-.40 Cal., .40-.45 Cal.

1 Qty. Bronze Bristle Brass Core Bore Brush for the Following Sizes:

Pistol – .22 Cal., .25 Cal., .357 Cal./.38 Cal./9mm, .40 Cal./10mm, .45 Cal. (8-32 Threads)

Rifle – .22 Cal., 6mm, .270 Cal., .30 Cal. (8-32 Threads)

Shotgun – 12 GA (5/16-27 Threads)

Large Coyote Tan Pouch for Storage, Transport, and Organization of Accessories

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