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The collet-type Factory crimp die can be made for a wide variety of cartridges. Most cartridges will fit into the 7/8 x 14 thread die body. If your cartridge falls within the following parameters it will fit the standard 7/8 x 14 die:

Bullet diameter .172″ – .501″ (minimum – maximum)
Body diameter .295″ – .570″ (minimum – maximum)
Case length 1.345″ – 2.850″ (minimum – maximum)

We will need:

Dummy cartridge (a projectile seated in an empty fired and sized case). The dummy cartridge is for testing purposes, so make sure it is within normal dimensional tolerances. *Note to International Customers:  Due to newly enforced shipping regulations as of 2/6/18, we will NOT be able to return your dummy cartridge to you.*

Please send your dummy cartridge, along with your invoice/order ID to:

Lee Precision, Inc.
4275 Highway “U”
Hartford, WI 53027

Unable to make the following cartridges:

  • 22 Rem Jet (too short)
  • 25 ACP (too short)
  • 32 S&W Short
  • 38 S&W
  • 41 Long Colt
  • 256 Winchester Magnugm
  • 460 S&W (you can use the 90926 Collet Style Crimp Die; or the 90865 Carbide Factory Crimp Die to apply a roll Crimp and post-size part of the case)
  • 475 Linebaugh
  • 500 Linebaugh (too short for large series die body and too large for standard series die body)
  • 50 AE (case diameter is too large to fit in the 7/8-14 die and too short for large series as a collet type crimp die. It can not be made as a carbide crimp die because the carbide would end up being too thin to have the necessary strength. If you wish to separate the bullet seating and crimping steps then purchasing a separate seating die body is your best option.)
  • 7.62 Model 1895 Russian Nagant Revolver
  • 56/60 Spencer
  • 500 S&W Special (too short)
  • 500 S&W (use the # 90931 Collet Style Factory Crimp Die)


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