44 Mag, 240 grain, 250 rounds, Western Munitions, remanufactured ammunition, ARW-44-240-250

Product Specifications

This Western Munitions product is made in Canada and is only available for purchase in Canada.

Remanufactured, round nose flat point, bulk ammunition, 250 rounds per box.

In order to maintain the highest quality, Western Munitions ammunition is manufactured in Canada or the United States. We use the highest quality components and ensure that everyone involved in the production is paid a living wage.The pistol ammo is made with thick plated bullets to ensure the shooters lead exposure is minimal.Our ammunition is made to conform to SAAMI specifications. This results in the ammo having the same level of safety and performance regardless of US vs Canadian manufacturing.  

If you are looking for a bulk ammunition purchase (50,000 + rounds) please contact us for pricing.